York, I am coming ~~

While making dash for York form Edinburgh, time is for passing very late!
At the beginning, we find a five-star hotel by the station, but it was too expensive to live. Then we come into the urban area, looking for B&B with more rational price!

As expected, let us find a hotel which call Encore, and its price is still even cheaper than B&B of Edinburgh!

Make me to be with deep impression that is after we check in and entering to the room, TV in my room already typing my name to welcome me! (see the Fig.)

In addition, there are much bar of York roadside, you can see bar on the way.
It is wanted to enter and have a look that a little excited in my heart. However, our English is not good enough and we are the strangers in York, so my reason tells me, just buy a bottle of wine to enjoy.

So, after eat up our dinner in the Chinese restaurant, take bottle of beer back to the hotel!

After bath, we drank beer in our room ~ this is first bottle of beer which I drinking in Britain!

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